Fault-tolerant rebreather

4 oxygen sensors
2 helium sensors – patented technology
2 methods of ppO₂ measurement
2 independent computers
2 solenoid valves
4 displays

The rebreather is designed as a fault-tolerant. No single malfunction in the electronic system could cause a breakdown of the whole apparatus. And even multiple malfunctions often do not lead to a complete breakdown. In case both handset cables are cut, the HUD cable torn out, and a hole to one of computer compartments in rebreather head drilled, the system functions sufficiently. The remaining control computer continues to maintain the oxygen partial pressure at the last setpoint.

So what if you are at one hundred meters below the surface and all 4 oxygen cells get damaged? The dive continues. For measuring oxygen indirectly are used the helium concentration sensors. The same level of sophistication is applied also to the design and manufacture of all mechanical parts of Liberty CCR. 

CE Certified

The first rebreather in the world certified according to EN 14143:2013 without any exceptions or exclusions.