CCR Liberty User Manual - English

Version 1.10 | 16th December 2015

CCR Liberty User Manual - German

Version 1.10 | 1st June 2016

Firmware Manager

FW manager for Windows can automatically download the latest version of FW from Internet or you can use FW from a file (off-line). It can also be used for a Divesoft Freedom computer. It is easy to install and use. No prior driver installation is necessary, no special IT skills required.

Firmware Manager for Mac

FW manager for Mac can automatically download the latest version of the firmware from Internet. It is easy to install and to use it.

Firmware download

Version 2.9.0 | build 4165 | 25th May 2017

Use our new Firmware manager for update of the firmware.

Liberty Spare Parts Catalog

Parts can be ordered directly from the catalog drawings via link to our e-shop.

Liberty Spare Parts Kits

Several spare parts kits in Divesoft e-shop.

Liberty Service Operations

Description of operations associated with the 1, 3 and 5 years service inspection.

Service inspection must be performed every year. After a five-year inspection, the second three-year inspection will follow (unit age 6 years), then one-year inspection (unit age 7 years), again one-year inspection (unit age 8 years), third three-years inspection (unit age 9 years), second five-years inspection (unit age 10 years) etc.

It is always necessary to send the entire unit (cylinders included) to make a service. Please contact us in case of interest in a service inspection of your unit.