Gas distribution

When viewing the unit from the bottom, we see reduction valves for oxygen (right) and for diluent (left). Both valves are rotationally attached to the backplate and thus comprise the lower attachment point for the pressure tanks.


Therefore, the tanks do not have any rails or locks on them; it suffices to connect them to the reduction valves and secure them with Velcro. Hoses lead from the reduction valves to the manometers, head, manual bypass valves and automatic diluent valve and to the inflator for the buoyancy compensator. The hoses run in the recesses of the backplate and in the space between the cylinder and the tanks, as is visible in the cross-section view of the apparatus. The hoses do not go beyond the outline of the apparatus and are thus protected against damage while remaining easily accessible for maintenance. Each reduction valve has seven medium-pressure connectors in the standard size 3/8-24. These connectors lead to the four sides so that it is possible to connect additional hoses as needed, whether for an additional switchblock, a connector for offboard gases or an open-circuit regulator.