CE certified

Only after we have gained CE certification for Liberty CCR we realize how difficult task it was.  We tested Liberty in a number of testing laboratories throughout the European Union. In the Czech Republic there is not a testing authority which could issue a certificate. We had to look abroad. Liberty CCR was literally tortured in testing laboratories. It had to withstand a strong electric shock that hit the control unit and handset. It had to cope with the rapid alternation of a tropical heat and a polar winter. It had to prove that it is possible to breathe from it in trim while standing and also upside down. In total Liberty CCR passed well over a hundred various tests. The control software also passed exhaustive tests. Nevertheless there may be a bug. Therefore a secure programming methodology is also verified. Any error in one part of the software may not cause a overall malfunction.

In conclusion, we also passed the audit of quality management system at our factory in Roudnice nad Labem. The scope of the tests according to the new version of the standard EN 14143: 2013 and the European Directive for personal protective equipment can be illustrated on the amount of used paper. It forms stack of about one meter height. To meet the interpretation of standards by testing authorities, the majority of papers was necessary to fill in, send, let to check, tear up or remake.

In December 2014 Liberty CCR is the only one in the world which meets without exception or exclusion the requirements of the standard EN 14143:2013. We began to work on the development of CCR Liberty six years ago. In the last two years, we focused mainly to certification. Four thousand hours of hard work were transformed into two sheets of paper with numbers GB14/92281 for EC type-examination and GB14/92282 for manufacturing. The originals of the certificates now hang in our HQ in Roudnice nad Labem.